Christmas through the eyes of a child

December 17, 2007

santa comes to school 

Santa visited the preschool children across the road from our College, so he decided to do a lap around the school buildings whilst our children were in class. Here, he is pictured comes santa

It is soon Christmas time and school is about to end.  Some of our students have been interviewed as to what they want for Christmas and what Christmas means to them.

The resultant video can be viewed at


In our best santa hats

santa’s driver


Sensing Christmas

December 14, 2007

Christmas at Ben’s Place

I see…..

the sun rising as it peeps over the horizon for the start of a glorious day and the glimpse of happy faces and cheerful smiles as the day progresses. I see my parents placing presents in my stocking and the Christmas lights bursting with colour.

I taste…

the mouth watering turkey melting in my mouth like a piece of Cadbury, the early morning soft drink which goes by the name of “Frenzy” and the first can of coke as it goes down a bit rough.

I hear…

Santa tip toeing through the house and I just can’t wait for the morning to arrive. I hear the oven roaring at a very high temperature and the dog howling loudly through the night, as a fox disturbs it.

I smell…

the scent of the crisp morning air, burnt toast in the Breville Toaster, the strong scent of coffee and the plum pudding bubbling away like a glass of champagne.

I feel…

the cold apple juice as it trickles down my throat like a waterfall, my eyes hurting because it’s too early and they hurt, and the shatter of the window as a slazenger cricket ball erupts through it.

Christmas at Robert’s Place

I see…

a crackling fire licking the wood, the Christmas tree in all its beauty and wonder and the presents wrapped in shiny, glossy paper.

I hear…

the sound of presents being ripped open, the sound of kids playing with their shiny new toys and the sound of happy chatter.

I smell…

chicken roasting away in the oven, the smell of plum pudding boiling away in a silver pot on the stove and the faint but delectable scent of pine needles.

I taste…

the roast potatoes smothered in gravy, the chicken in all its white beauty and the lemonade frothing away in my mouth.

I feel…

the warmth of the fire heating the house, the cold can of lemonade in my hand and the excitement of Christmas.

Christmas at Taylor’s Place

I see…

my room getting lighter as the sun shows itself at the break of day. I see happy children as they open their new IPods and the heat waves glowing off the road.

I hear…

my parents trying to stuff the presents in my stocking as I lie and wait for the morning to arrive, the bacon sizzling on the fry pan for breakfast and Binka the cat, purring at my bed.

I taste…

the first breath of fresh air as I walk out of my bedroom, the horrible plum pudding for the first time and the roast turkey smothered in gravy.

I smell…

the faint scent of the pine needles, the drift of the burnt bacon and eggs and the strong smelling coffee as dad drinks down his first for the day.

I feel…

nervous and excited as I open the first can of coke for the day. I start to get agitated as we have to wait longer and longer for my grandparents to arrive, before we can open our presents.

Christmas at Thomas’ place

I see…..


our drought stricken Christmas tree sitting in the corner with large presents underneath it.

I smell….


 the pine needles lying on the floor after Christmas is finished, the bacon and eggs getting burnt with dads cooking, Windex after mum has done the Christmas cleaning.

I hear…


all my loud uncles and aunties and their children waiting round the table for the tasty roast turkey, my cousins laughing when they hit people with the cricket ball, my oldest aunty calling out our names for our presents underneath the Christmas tree.

I taste….


 Gran’s prize winning plum pudding with cream melting on the top, the punch on Christmas day, the Barbie on Christmas night.

I feel….


 lucky to be Australian, to sit back at tea time and have the nice smell of the ‘Barbie’ cooking on dusk, tired after running round all day long.

The Gift of Giving

December 12, 2007


Christmas in Prose

December 11, 2007



Here comes Santa,

Riding on his sleigh.

He stops at a house,

To let the reindeer eat some hay.

He slides down the chimney,

And fills a stocking.

He eats his milk and cookies,

While listening to the reindeers sing.

He finally leaves,

Which is disappointing.

Then he realises,

He didn’t fill the other stocking!

by a nine year old student




Christmas at My Place

December 8, 2007

The students were asked to “show me” what Christmas at their place was like – through use of the 5 senses. The only stipulation was that they had to include 3 experiences for each sense and the most important element of the writing, was that they had to “show me”, not just tell me.

Marg Murnane – year 7 English teacher Hawkesdale P12 College

Here is the result of one student’s work, in movie format.

Click on  this link to view one outcome:-