Grade 2 Christmas Musings

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The night before Christmas  

It’s Christmas Eve. 

 I put out milk and one piece of meat for Santa. 

 It’s midnight.I am still up. I hear something on the roof.  I wonder what it is.Then I see it. Am I just dreaming?No.  I wasn’t dreaming…it was true.Santa was true.It couldn’t be, but it was.I hid behind the door but Santa soon sees me.


What are you doing up now!!!

I want to see you.

Do you want to ride my sleigh?

Yes!!!!!!!  Up.

Where are we going?

We are going to the North Pole!


What Santa really does! 

How Santa gets in to your house!

Well first he has a suit that makes him look fat but he is really skinny. So he can fit in difficult places like window cracks and door cracks. He only takes his suit off when he needs to. 

How Santa knows what you want!

Well some elves shrink so they are the ones who go out and hear what people say and want 

How Santa’s elves know what to do!

In Winter Santa gets a group of young elves and teaches them what to do in a school.

How Santa gets to every house and gives presents!

Well, he has 100 trips. He delivers 100 presents in one trip. So he has a BIG job!

Christmas Eve

One cold, Christmas Eve, Santa was coming down a chimney. Then, he got stuck in the chimney. He thought, “what could happen next”. Then, he thought “how did I get out of the chimney?” He didn’t know so he went on. Two hours later, Santa was back home.



  The night before Christmas 

It was the night before Christmas. When it was very quiet at night and noisy in the morning because everyone was shouting, saying “ I got  lots of presents.”  I got twenty presents. And I wrapped 16 presents.  My birthday is four days after Christmas.I got a new computer. I played deltora and motorbike games.

I gave dad a new tractor And gave mum a new car. We put Christmas Stockings on the heater.

 A Christmas story

One night on Christmas Eve Santa was looking for someone to guide his sleigh. Snow dogs came to try first, but one of them looked down and tried to make its way into Santa’s sleigh.

The next animals to try were crocodiles. They were not very good at it, but it was there first time so Santa let them have a try. Then Santa gave up. 10 minutes later there was a knock at the door. There standing at door, was a reindeer. cristmas-people-_2.jpg

The reindeer said to Santa, “can you help us?” “Of course” replied Santa. “What seems to be the problem?”

“Well one of our team mates has fallen down a deep hole and broken his leg.” said the reindeer. “Well” said Santa “I will bring my sleigh along. But the only thing is I don’t have anyone to guide it.”  “We can” said the reindeer. “ok” said Santa. “You can name us if you want” “That would be nice, I will name you, come on, I will tie you onto my sleigh.”

When they got there Santa got his elves to get a ladder so he could climb down and get the reindeer and bring it back up. When the elves did that, Santa did what he needed to do, and saved the reindeer. So then the reindeer’s led Santa’s sleigh the entire night, and one of the elves stayed with the reindeer with the broken leg.


Christmas Night

One Christmas night Tara was lying in bed. Suddenly she heard a THUMP on the roof. It was Santa.

She got out of bed and walked down the hall and saw Santa putting presents down under the tree from his big black sack.

She quietly crept down the hall but Santa heard her and said, “What are you doing up this late?” “I heard you!” “Was I that loud?”  “Not that loud but I still heard you. Are you real?” “Of course I am real. Do you want to come and meet my reindeers?” “Yeah!!!”Come on then!” Tara got her dressing gown and went outside with Santa. She saw Rudolf and the other reindeers. Then Santa said “Do you want to come for a ride in my sleigh?” Yeah!!!! “Ok then come on” This is fun!!!!

In a while Tara went to sleep. Then the ride came to a stop. She was still asleep though. Santa carried her back to bed safely and put presents in the bag at the end of her bed. In the morning she woke up and found no presents. She looked down next to her bed and found them on the floor.

Tara picked up the presents and quickly ran to her mum and dad’s room to find her brothers were already there. She sat next to mum and started to open her presents.

And that’s the story of Christmas. 


Christmas jokes

Q. Which one of Santa’s reindeers has bad manners?

A. Rudolph

Q. What do you call a reindeer with no eyes?

A. No idea

Q. What do you call a no-legged reindeer with no eyes?

A.  Still no idea  

Tt ……. is for Turkey

Turkey is the meat that comes from a big bird called a turkey. You can put turkey on sandwiches.You have to be careful near turkeys because they can bite.You can cook turkey. You can have heaps of turkeys.Some families have roast turkey at Christmas.


On Christmas Eve

One morning, I woke up. It was snowing. I forgot that it was Christmas.

“Can I go and open my presents?”

“Yes, Mum, look. I got a bratz set”

“Now you can play with your bratz set.”Christmas tree

“Yes, I can. But, Mum, I’ve got more presents to open!”

“Fine, open them!”

“Mum, look! I got a phone”.

“Now, you can ring your friends can you?”

“Yes, I can yay!! Mum, look, I got an iPod”

“Aren’t you lucky, Jess?”

“Yes, I am, Mum. Look I got chocolate and lollies.”

You can eat them today”.


Our Christmas Artwork

Grade 2 art for Christmas 

Grade 2 art

Grade 2 Christmas art

Grade 2 Christmas art



  1. 1

    Hey guys! This is just so cool. I will make sure to feature your work on the Web so make sure to get Mrs Mirtschin to show you where to go.
    Heather B

  2. 2
    lorigloyd Says:

    Awesome! This was so much fun to read.


  3. 3

    Hi Guys, got onto your site through the web 2.0 adventure and absolutely love it! I also teach Grade 2 and can’t wait to pose these wonderful questions to my kids – I wonder what they will come up with.
    I’ll be teaching Grade 2 next year and maybe we could work out a way of getting our kids to visit each other through our class blogs and share some of our learning… could be exciting.

    Our site is

    come visit as well – and I hope you don’t mind if we use some of your great ideas. Trish

  4. 4
    jodhiay Says:

    These are wonderful! I’ll bet you had as much fun writing them as I did reading them! Merry Christmas to you!

  5. 5
    mylee1 Says:

    Fantastic work guys and well done Anne. You and your students are an asset to the school. Merry Christmas

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